Tom Ford AA+ – 1 OZ (28g) & 200mg infused Gummy Deal


You get 1 oz Tom Ford plus one pack of the 200mg Kandy Kandy Indica infused gummy of our choosing for a discounted rate!

(Please keep in mind we will be choosing the gummy pack flavours at random!

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About Tom Ford

A definite creeper strain, Tom Ford takes a bit before you start to feel her effects. Most find that they first notice a sense of euphoria that washes over them like a gentle wave with a strong head high that follows soon after. Some might feel creative for a short period of time, but eventually, sedation becomes the name of the game. From here on out, two main themes permeate your high – an introspective and stoney mindset and extreme hunger. Prepare snacks ahead of time if you’re smart, as you likely won’t want to move much. Those who struggle with daily depression, anxiety, and stress often turn to this bud as a way to unwind from their woes, offering them just a bit of freedom before bedtime. Other issues including a lack of appetite and insomnia can also be addressed quickly, and like most strains are capable of nowadays, instances of physical pain are soothed after a few puffs.

Indica 200mg Infused Gummy

Real sweet fruit flavour in every gummy, Kandy Kandy THC Indica Gummies are naturally flavoured & Gluten-Free. Lab Tested to ensure you are consuming the highest quality extracts and ingredients, Kandy Kandy carefully crafts every gummy for your full satisfaction

200mg per package, 40mg per gummy x 5 gummy per package.

Allow 45 min – 1 hour to feel the full effect.

Keep out of reach of children.




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