4 Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

4 Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Here’s everything you need to know about magic mushrooms from a psychotropic, legislative and health perspective!

Magic mushrooms can be divided into three groups:


  • Mushrooms with psychotonic action: sensory changes
  • Psycholeptic action: A state of relaxation that promotes sleep
  • Psychedelic Effective: These are the well-known hallucinogen mushrooms
  • Psychotropic substances: psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, norbaeocystin.

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History of Magic Mushrooms:


Traditionally, magic mushrooms have mysterious properties. This gave them the nickname “Sacred Mushroom” or “Pulpit of the Gods”. They have long been used in many cultures of religious ceremonies to enter the trance state. And they are still today, for example, in certain shamanistic tribes in Latin America.


Today, these mushrooms are secretly cultivated and consumed as medicine. Consumers are often looking for sensations, introspection or harmony. Like most drugs, they cause the phenomenon of disinhibition and euphoria in their users. 


4 Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

So, of course, it is not advisable to take magic mushrooms to see the pink elephants. But to be completely honest about these mushrooms, we find that they have health benefits that we haven’t suspected.


Quit Smoking

A recent study at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found that psilocybin, a naturally occurring compound in magic mushrooms, can help quit smoking. Of the 15 people who smoked an average of 19 cigarettes a day for over 30 years, 12 quit smoking in 6 months. And this is after consuming psilocybin pills for an 8 week period. However, it had side effects such as elevated blood pressure, headaches and anxiety.


Natural Antidepressant

This time, a study conducted by Imperial College London emphasized the role of psilocybin in the fight against chronic depression, even though it is resistant to various forms of treatment. Administration of synthetic psilocybin allowed 12 volunteers to see a marked improvement in depressive symptoms in just 3 months. As a result, five of them were in complete remission.


Treatment of OCD

Regular and moderate intake of psilocybin helps alleviate the symptoms associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. In one experiment, researchers found that improvement in these symptoms was up to 25% in some subjects. Therefore, they concluded that this substance acts on compulsive behavior.


Treatment of Cluster Headaches

Cluster headache (AFV) is an extreme headache characterized by an intolerable painful attack from the orbital area to the shoulder for 15 to 180 minutes, followed by persistent vegetative disorder. Psilocybin is the first and only seemingly effective treatment known to date.


The danger of Magic Mushrooms

As a psychiatric patient, psilocybin mushrooms can cause a variety of serious and long-term psychiatric problems, even after the first ingestion. We are talking about fear, confusion, phobias, depression, delusions … Even in many cases observed, psychosis may be the result of a patient’s potential predisposition.


In the case of overdose, the psychological effects are temporary and not fatal. However, the “acid return” effect occurs months after ingesting the magic mushroom and can reproduce the exact same effect.

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